Teenagers are demanding learners who look for stimulating, contemporary materials. So, at Richmond, we have designed a range of visually attractive printed courses for secondary school students that naturally integrate technology. Our range of products for secondary schools takes into account the reality of mixed-ability classes that teachers face by including a wealth of extra resources and assessment tools in the Teacher’s Resource Books. In our catalog, you will also find materials to help students prepare for international examinations such as those from Cambridge English or ETS.


Stopwatch Accelerated Edition

Stopwatch Accelerated Edition is a four-level course for secondary students. It is based on the best-selling series Stopwatch.

Spotlight on Literature New Edition

Spotlight on Literature New Edition is a literature-based program that consolidates English skills for teenage and young adult ...


Achievers is a brand-new six-level course for teenagers which combines interesting, age-appropriate topics with challenging ...


Stopwatch is a motivating, visually engaging six-level series for teenagers.

Awesome New Edition

Awesome New Edition is a four-level course in general English for the 21st Century that takes students from an elementary level ...