Eloise Vivanco

Eloise Vivanco


I’m Eloise.

I’m an ELT materials and coursebook writer and I specialise in materials for primary and pre-primary learners. I am also a teacher trainer and consultant, with a special interest in helping bilingual schools better train their teachers to integrate the English language into their subject classes through CLIL methodology.

With nearly 20 years’ experience in ELT, I have always enjoyed teaching children and been aware of the special and important role a teacher has in developing the whole child. Not everyone goes into ELT aware of the huge demand for teaching kids, and pre-service ELT courses don’t really prepare new teachers for this reality. I have taught children from as young as 36 months, up to teenagers and I now have primary-aged children of my own.

My experiences include:

Writing dozens of coursebooks and materials for children.
Being a Trinity Cert, Diploma and TYLEC trainer.
Writing and delivering CLIL-based courses for young learners in the British Council in Mexico in response to the fact that many of the children attending classes already had a high level of English.
Training teachers in international schools in Mexico to use CLIL methodology in their classrooms to help their learners learn English alongside their school subjects.

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