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  • Hours per week 1-3

  • Levels 3

  • American English

Pebbles helps students reach their full potential in different developmental areas: cognitive, emotional, linguistic, physical and social. It encourages them in the natural three-stage process of learning a new language: awareness (often called Preproduction), vocalizing (Early Production) and early speech (or Speech Emergence). Throughout this natural process, children are guided to develop the six essential Areas of Learning of early childhood development, and form essential basic values such as good manners and respect for others. Pebbles provides core material, as well as optional, Integrated Learning craft activities.

With Pebbles, students will:

  • learn, practice and reinforce lexical items interactively with Pictionary Puzzles!
  • develop their essential age-appropriate skills: fine and gross motor coordination skills, visual and auditory discrimination, and so on.
  • form prewriting skills by working with tracing materials.
  • cultivate moral and civic values, equal opportunities, being healthy, family values and environmental awareness.

Meet the authors

Components and resources

Student’s Book

Resource Booklet

Activity Pad

Student's CD

Learn more about Pebbles: Student’s Book

Nine units are set around different topics, with four lessons each. Students learn English through a range of fun activities, as well as key age-appropriate skills, like fine motor coordination, visual and auditory discrimination, and so on. At the beginning of every unit, the vocabulary and grammar structure are presented with practice activities, and children also develop the six essential Areas of Learning for early childhood development during each lesson. Learners reinforce the unit language with a Review page at the end of the unit, as well as learning about a Value as part of their whole-child development.

Learn more about Pebbles: Resource Booklet

The Pebbles Resource Booklet contains Cutouts, Pictionary Puzzles, and letters and numbers for tracing. Children practice their motor skills cutting out and using these versatile learning tools in different activities throughout the level. The Teacher’s Guide suggests when you should use them.

Learn more about Pebbles: Activity Pad

Children can do two motivating, creative Integrated Learning extension activities every unit with material in their Activity Pads. There are also three pages of holiday-related craft ideas per level. Each activity has its instructions on the back, so children can work at home together with their parents. The Teacher’s Guide tells you when to do these activities.

Learn more about Pebbles: Student's CD

Children can listen to all the songs, rhymes and new words for the level on their CDs. Song lyrics and scripts appear on the same pages where they are used.

Teacher’s Guide

Class CD


Learn more about Pebbles: Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide gives you instructions on how to teach each class, with the Student’s Book pages interleaved for quick reference. Four Unit 0 classes open the school year, then Units 1-9 each begin with a Unit Overview of the vocabulary, structures and Areas of Learning. Every lesson plan gives you an at-a-glance view of early learning goals, new language and materials needed; starting, during and finishing the lesson; and extra practice – including the Areas of Learning developed. The unit finishes with instructions for the Review lesson, the Values lesson, and an Integrated Learning crafts class. Photocopiable unit Assessments are at the back of your guide.

Learn more about Pebbles: Class CD

The Class CD is the same as the Student’s CD: all the songs, rhymes and new words for the level. You’ll find the scripts for each audio recording within your lesson plans, in the Teacher’s Guide.

Learn more about Pebbles: Flashcards

Pebbles includes a number of Flashcards per level. These attractive visual aids help you present and practice the vocabulary and structures in each unit. On the other side of the image, the word or phrase is written. Your Teacher’s Guide explains when and how to use these cards.


For Students Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Pack Pebbles (SB+CD+Res Booklet+AP) 7506009834934 7506009834941 7506009834958
For Teachers Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Pack Pebbles (TG+CD) 7506009835405 7506009835412 7506009835429
Flashcards 9786070605161 9786070605208 9786070605246

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